Job Title : Marketing CRM Manager
Reference ID : MENA/2022/10088

Job Location


Education Qualification
Bachelor’s degree in marketing or business Administration, MBA preferred

5 years experience in the same field


Fluency in English is a must


Job Description
  • Continuously shows a high willingness to learn when it comes to personal or professional development
  • Is motivated to stay up-to-date about the company technologies, products, other services, processes, and systems, and to keep market and industry knowledge up-to-date
  • Proactively demonstrates interest in innovations in a professional context
  • Shows extraordinary enthusiasm for the company brand, products and manufacturer (e.g. identifies with and speaks positively about the company, even in unfavourable situations)
  • Shows willingness to focus his/her own actions on building fascination and emotional attachment while bearing in mind economic aspects
  • Creates an energetic and positive environment (of contact, buying, owning, service and repairs) for customers, suppliers and service providers, as well as colleagues, and transports the enthusiasm of the brand 
  • Can control challenging dialogue situations with customers and colleagues as well as suppliers and service providers in a calm and relaxed way
  • Executes assignments in a systematic and structured way, especially under time pressure and in stressful surroundings
  • Can recover quickly after stressful situations with customers, suppliers and service providers or internal conflicts
  • Shows commitment (e.g. proactively takes over tasks, provides suggestions for improvement voluntarily)
  • Ensures compliance with the company sales and service process (e.g. prepares contacts with customers, suppliers and service providers, documents processes and results accurately, takes special care of standards, regulations, and safety)
  • Performs all tasks and challenges systematically, accurately and takes responsibility for outcomes
  • Recognises, comprehends and reproduces information, issues and situations on the shop floor or in the workshop with ease
  • Quickly understands new concepts and ideas
  • Plans ahead, anticipates potential challenges and takes proactive action
  • Draws logical conclusions based on understanding, established correlations and recognised (systemic) interdependencies and takes appropriate decisions for the company
  • Displays behavior consistent with rules that is guided by the company code of conduct
  • Is honest and shows a high level of moral integrity in daily work situations (e.g. during sales and service process), while ensuring priority for customer and colleague safety
  • Structures and manages marketing activities and team professionally, prioritises and organizes tasks in a result-oriented way while remaining focused on the creation of customer attraction, experience and fascination
  • Tracks all marketing activities regularly and accurately and summarizes results in appropriate reporting while acting in a result- and success-oriented way
  • Maintains an always up-to-date overview of responsibilities within PC and shows a sense of urgency in terms of forwarding tasks
  • Knows own and team capabilities and adjusts these if necessary
  • Adapts marketing approach to different customer and prospect groups in an appropriate manner when customizing style of communication, key messages, visuals and communication channels
  • Professionally adapts to unexpectedly arising matters and reacts flexibly to spontaneously changing circumstances (e.g. delay in releases or delivery)

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