Job Title : Drilling Supervisor
Reference ID : MENA/2022/10078

Job Location


Education Qualification
Bachelor Degree in Well Engineering or Equivalent

Minimum of ten (10) years in the drilling engineering/operations including a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a supervisory position.


1. Fluent in written and spoken English
2. Good communication skills
3. Good interpersonal 
4. Knowledge related to IADC/IWCF Well Control, IADC Standard, API Standard, and PDO Standard
5. Computer skills (familiar with MS Office and drilling reporting software) 


Job Description

1. Ensures drilling programs and/or procedures are followed as planned and conducted in an optimum manner.
2. Organizes and orders the necessary services and equipment to conduct drilling and/or testing operations.
3. Responsible for health and safety procedures being continuously enforced, and making capable decisions in 
emergencies to prevent well catastrophes as well as significant additional costs.
4. Responsible for implementation of operation reliability on his rig, he insures that operations are consistent with 
industry standardss
5. Ensures that rig and third party equipment is adequately and properly maintained. Maintains the inventory of all equipment/materials/supplies to ensure a smooth ongoing operation.
6. Responsible for drilling, production, and casing strings being correctly tallied and properly run.
7. In association with the well site geologists, ensures logging, coring, and production testing are performed as 
8. Responsible for operations complying with all government and other appropriate regulations.
9. Ensures potential pollution control problems are considered and relative contingency plans are understood by rig and third party personnel.
10. Has direct responsibility that safety and other drills are held regularly.
11. In association with on-site technical personnel (drilling engineer, geologists, etc.), is responsible for abnormal 
pressure techniques being properly utilized and mud characteristics being maintained for maximum safety and
efficient drilling. 
12. Ensures accurate and adequate reports and records are kept regarding operations, equipment, and evaluation.
13. Maintains annual certification and refreshment in Well Control (IWCF Level 4). 

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