Job Title : Legal Advisor
Reference ID : MENA/2024/100161

Job Location


Education Qualification
Bachelor's degree in relevant field

Minimum 15 years of Experience required preferably in Real Estate


Experience in Real Estate. 


Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Legal Consultation:
    • Provide legal advice and support to the real estate team on various matters including property transactions, leasing agreements, zoning laws, and land use regulations.
    • Conduct legal research to stay updated on relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards affecting real estate operations.
    • Analyze complex legal issues and provide strategic recommendations to mitigate risks and achieve business objectives.
  2. Contract Drafting and Review:
    • Draft, review, and negotiate contracts, agreements, and legal documents related to real estate transactions, including purchase agreements, lease agreements, and deeds.
    • Ensure that contracts comply with legal requirements, company policies, and industry standards.
    • Identify and address any legal risks or potential liabilities in contracts and agreements.
  3. Due Diligence:
    • Conduct due diligence investigations on properties, including title searches, property surveys, environmental assessments, and zoning verifications.
    • Assess the legal implications of property titles, easements, encumbrances, and other relevant factors.
    • Provide recommendations based on due diligence findings to mitigate legal risks and ensure compliance with regulations.
  4. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Monitor regulatory changes and updates related to real estate laws, zoning ordinances, building codes, and environmental regulations.
    • Develop compliance strategies and policies to ensure that real estate activities comply with legal requirements and industry standards.
    • Train real estate staff on compliance procedures and best practices.
  5. Dispute Resolution:
    • Assist in the resolution of legal disputes and litigation related to real estate matters, including landlord-tenant disputes, property damage claims, and contract breaches.
    • Collaborate with external legal counsel as needed to represent the company's interests in legal proceedings.
    • Negotiate settlements and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve conflicts efficiently and cost-effectively.
  6. Risk Management:
    • Identify and assess legal risks associated with real estate transactions and operations.
    • Develop risk mitigation strategies and implement controls to minimize exposure to legal liabilities.
    • Advise senior management on legal matters affecting business decisions and strategic initiatives.


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Proficiency in Arabic language is required