draped hypertufa pots

I don’t see any reason why it would not work. Love the pots. Mar 5, 2020 - Have you heard of hypertufa? Procedure for Making Hypertufa. I just want to tell you what I use to drape the fabric on to dry. I live in Cape Town South Africa and have made a few drapped hypertufas and am now going to make a pot. Maybe it is the slow drying that you are missing. Yes since i first saw on pinterest these fabric cloth pots, I am making all kinds of them. I got a wig form (styrofoam head) and thought I could make a cast of it. Email Save Comment 2. Can I contact you ? I think a door display would be awesome! Draped Hypertufa, Julian. And I will update! Thanks for your visit. These planters may tend to have an alkalinity to them due to being made from Portland, but I just mix 2 tbsp of vinegar in about a pint of water and mist them inside a few times, rinsing between with the hose. Hypertufa is made by combining various aggregates (sphagnum moss, sand, perlite, vermiculite) with Portland cement. I think it would be advisable to weather the piece for a while before you add that much alkaline to your pond. I love using baskets too and I do switch them out with pots and so now the concrete dipped ones should last at least 2-3 seasons or more if I put them away in the winter. Looks stunning but is too small for showpiece. Market as a “Grand Opening Discounts” this week only, etc. Hypertufa pots were developed specifically for alpine plants but they make excellent containers for annuals as well. To make this draping pot, buy a bag of powdered cement, mix the amount you want to use – aprox 1:4 – to get the consistency of onion ring batter. Try it on something small first and if that works well, do another. Hypertufa is a type of artificial stone made by mixing sand, cement and peat moss or other organic matter. I have been making these forms for years. It will be HEAVY, so the tower needs to be strong. Going to try ppc cement now, don’t think the cement I am using is strong enough. Maybe they are too big to support the weight? I realize you’re a hypertufa fan, however, have you ever used the Quickcrete patching cement instead. Houseplants. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Lol! I’ve just been going by your recipe and what you have written. You can make the coolest textured pots out of concrete and drop cloth fabric from Lowes. But I am always cautious about any container on my tables. Is that how you have done it? I didn’t know if this project would be best suited for another time of the year or maybe a different environment? I've taken this idea one step further, and I'm making my own scooped out containers to plant succulents into. God Bless and keep up the grat work and post…Becky. What is peat? Procedure for Making Hypertufa. Thanks, Bev, for visiting and commenting. It’s durable and doesn’t require any maintenance or sealing throughout the seasons. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews $ 18.00. I have not had any trouble with cracking on mine. Since it is being made from a piece of leftover fabric, and will not have 1-2 inch sides as its structure, it needs a strong mix of the Portland cement to be sure it is sturdy. I have not tried anything larger than a laundry basket. The great thing about these planters is that the hypertufa is so much lighter than you would think by just glancing at them. Thanks, Jacki. But it would not seem to me that it would be strong enough for a lounge chair. But — are you going to be able to make drainage holes in that? Then go bigger when you get the hang of it. Use just a dash of the well-sifted peat if at all. Thans Martie. Anyway, I am e-mailing all my friends from Ca. Then it is "draped" over pre-arranged molds. But you may get a really nice delicate vase from chiffon. These draped pots are really different, and I do think they make great “pot holders.” I have stained/painted some to give them a different look, brownish to resemble tree bark, one a bright lavender to go with white petunias, and a dramatic black one with deep purple wave petunia. Try some draped hypertufa pots. I will need to start looking for some old doll heads at garage sales. Why not make your own inexpensive container, one that can withstand the test of time and the elements? I don’t care for the solid cover of a cement stain. Also your form if you don’t want to wrap with plastic, spray it with oil to keep it from sticking. Pots En Béton Diy. Check out her witches and ghouls if you love to get creative for Halloween…or anytime. I don’t have a garage but I have an outdoor room/mudroom/patio type deal that I was planning on doing it in but it’s not a heated room, it’s essentially like a garage (concrete floors and a few windows) it stays about the same temperature as it is outside in there. You can paint them like this for a different look. Easy to make but messy! Article by The Hypertufa Gardener. Draped Hypertufa Pots. House Plants; Succulents; Garden Issues; Critters & Crawlers; About Me. That would be really awesome! They would be more likely to know what you are asking for than the clerk in Lowe’s. Concrete pots are smoother with a more uniform appearance. I have directions here and even a few videos to watch. I’ve also tried small ones and haven’t had luck with them either. So unique. I made the regular hypertufa inside a mold and then the draped ones from the outside. Love your ideas and want to start a small business. Hi Kim! I ended up making my friend a silk floral arrangement in a vase that I made last minute…matter of fact I arranged the flowers on my way to Kentucky…it worked out fine, she loved it. I have not seen any videos. I would try a scrap 12×12 on something small and see how it behaves. Concrete Pots Concrete Crafts Concrete Projects Concrete Garden Outdoor Projects Garden Crafts Garden Projects Cement Art Beton Design. For a more edgy effect, you can also make draped hypertufa pots and spray them with neon shades that reflect light, creating a unique look. thankyou! You can use old sheets. It can be an old towel, a blanket, leftover drapery material, an old light quilt or bedspread. Picture Window theme. I’m still playing with your recipe for the draped hypertufa. Jardinage. Bricolage Facile. Anna says, “My handmade hypertufa planters. Hypertufa. My YouTube Channel; Lifestyle & Family. Super simple project with a gorgeous outcome | therusticwillow.com, Cement hands made from rubber gloves and cement... Want to and Could try spray foam as well. I do plan to try that. Sure, but as I mentioned, I work in hypertufa so I add the other ingredients for the texture I want. It seems to me (as my husband announced) that it would crack and crumble, however I guess that if you use enough “gravy” and coat it well, that it would not? what ratio to mix it? I love them. Can you do this with just plain old quick crete. If you find a manageable size of it, let us know! Depending on the size of your fabric piece, you may need to double the recipe. I envision  a tall vase-shaped one in the corner  where the deck meets the patio. Your video made it look easier than I felt it was for me anyway. I plan to make them for inside and outside and put the appropriate holes in the bottom. Like making mud pies when you’re a kid! Sorry you are having so much trouble. Urgent reply needed. The purpose of the peat is to give the planter character along with making it lighter than making a cement planter. ¿Can I do a hole in the bottom of the planter for drainage? Help! Start with a small one? I will let you know how it turns out. Thank you all for ur help! You can just about anything, but I hadn’t even thought about the fairy or hobbit scene. I am determined to get this right!!! what do you suggest. Or, you can create a pleasing vignette by grouping an odd number of hypertufa pots together. Try a stronger mix, and try coating with a 2nd brushed on layer. Concrete needs water or moisture to harden. The bigger a pot, the more it costs. Oh, I cannot wait to try this! Thank you. I think the light stadium blanket was the best fabric. Molding hypertufa is straightforward, but like any concrete, it can take quite a while to cure. Answered. I know it will meet the blanket inside (Eeekk!) Keep up the good work. Hypertufa Bowl. But my plastic pulled away easily without it. 813 likes. I do not put dirt in them but elevate with pails n put a potted planter in them. I am getting very frustrated with this lol!!! I just can’t quit, and I have them all over as it is. I just posted about hanging them. Wondering if you could use hydraulic cement, it dries in 5 to 10 minutes. May 21, 2015 - Draped Hypertufa, Julian. To make this draping pot, buy a bag of powdered cement, mix the amount you want to use – aprox 1:4 – to get the consistency of onion ring batter. Try some draped hypertufa pots. Try some draped hypertufa pots. So don’t worry, Melissa. Oh, the Possibilities ! I have drilled holes in mine and plan to keep them outside. Such a neat idea. We'll show you how to make your own hypertufa trough, so you can enjoy the look without the cost. Also, I’m in Ohio and it’s relatively chilly out as we are heading into Thanksgiving, will the temperature affect the curing process? It may or may not work , but it will be an experiment. Hypertufa is a product made from various types of organic material and cement. 2021 Color Trends. How to Cure Hypertufa. Art De Ciment. My largest draped hypertufa pots were made over a bar stool. Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure Page. You will love them. ), and yes it can react with steel reinforcement in the concrete. 8. Cover it with a plastic piece so your fabric won’t stick to it. Concrete Lighted Step-Spook madebybarb draped concrete. That one turn very nice and tall. Not as a main ingredient but as a brush on after the “bath”. Once your slurry is all mixed, and you have a consistency like meat gravy,  if you have any doubt that your mix won’t be strong enough, put in a little extra Portland cement. My dad did cement work for a living…apparently I didn’t pick up that gene Lol I have been sitting them in the sun for several hrs then putting them in my shed with a fan running in the shed. She is 77 now and decided it to create a raised garden and it’s fantastic. Hypertufa planters have high alkaline levels due to the use of Portland cement. I showed her the pics of my failed planters and how they are supposed to look and she loves them. I will be posting more as I go! Hope that helps. bon 2015 il y a d’autre idées a faire plus simple dans le même conteste et pour reproduire en séries mais 2015 certainement plus d’actualité ce blog !! Maybe with a large Persian shield ( Strobilanthes) and wave petunias or calibrachoa? Sorry Kim, one more question … do you use water or oil based stains? It is the ratio of the ingredients which matters. Hope this helps. For more information, see my Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure Page . I have watched your YouTube videos and have make it six draped Hypertufa containers. Looking very good. Also, SHE HAD NEVER BEEN ON PINTEREST!!! Second one I made it from two old towel and use it two five gallon paint buckets for my tower. I don’t know if they’d be suitable if there are fish in the pond. Thanks, Becky. it is pliable enough to mold around a chair form and then wetted to look like a concrete chair. Cement does not dry but cures in that a chemical reaction takes place that hardens it sort of like epoxy when the 2-parts are mixed. Thanks for commenting. Just coated it with cement, but doesn’t look really very good. I have seen some sites which make cutouts on the sides for candles, cascading plants. The draped hypertufa pot pictured with the blue background is draped over a paint can. The process here is almost the same as for making pots. Hypertufa and concrete rag planters Collection by Linda Gowin. Where are the videos located? Dip your wicker basket in hypertufa concrete for the garden. Why not make your own inexpensive container, one that can withstand the test of time and the elements? How about a whole new look for a homemade planter? You can drill holes in the draped hypertufa pots very easily with a drill after it is cured. And I agree with that idea. Great thinking! Also, due to the porosity of some cement, the soil may dry out too quickly. Also would like to make a small business out of it. But the draped hypertufa pots allow water to seep in and out. How exciting, what a new idea, I would like to talk to you, as I live in Melbourne. My question is: is there any problem putting small clean marbles or rocks in the sides to change the looks of the outside of the pot? Thought maybe using borax instead??? I was just wondering if this is sturdy enough to shape it on a lounge chair or something and use it as furniture. I made a couple of draped planters so far and have a couple of questions: -If I wish to strengthen a planter, can the slurry be reapplied after the first curing process? If you can’t cover it you will need to constantly mist it to keep it from drying out for a few days. Don’t want it just up under the deck roof! Hello, I have seen a chair draped in concrete fabric, Do you think I could use your recipe, and would it be strong enough to sit of with cracking? I know the basics of it and never done it myself. Wow, Maria, sounds like you are a bundle of energy and enthusiasm. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
Thankyou. I have only made these since early spring here in Ohio, but my first ones were outside in low temps and snow and ice. For me, it might be even more fun to make it into something like diorama of mini wildlife critters. Choosing Hypertufa Molds; Hypertufa Supplies; Draped Hypertufa; Houseplants & Gardening. Totally. We have had a lot of people on the Facebook Page tell about using marbles, shells, mosaics, stones, etc on the outer surface of the hypertufa planters. Quite a few of mine are more than 7 years old, and are weathered and beautiful with moss and lichens. Don’t get too large, since in my experience, it doesn’t work. Otherwise the fabric itself will help hold it together. It peels off the plastic really well. What is it? Hypertufa planters have high alkaline levels due to the use of Portland cement. You can even make a draped hypertufa planter to add to your garden. Because of its rustic look, a single hypertufa container fits right into a rock garden. I think I was in the paint section for hours reading all of it! The chair will remain as the support for the fabric to drape over. Thanks to their porous nature, the pots were ideal for plants needing good drainage. These would be found in Lowe’s or Home Depot in the garden section which has small bags of potting soil and orchid soil, maybe small bags of rocks etc to decorate terrariums. If you’re using a square or rectangular mold, remember to really pack it … amzn_assoc_title = "Would You Like Supplies Shipped to You? Silvia, from Salta. Your “tower” is the structure that you will use as a form to hang and dry the cement-soaked fabric. I have never used the PPC. On my website, they are on the tab marked Videos and Tutorials. Making it! Pls give me an idea of price. Louise, How much is a 2 qt pitcher. They are quite big. I love this idea and the look of the draping! If desired, add cement pigment for color. I live in a very high humidity area…do u think the humidity has anything to do with it? Hypertufa was developed in the 1930s to replicate the stone troughs that were popular among English gardeners in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Looking for draped hypertufa pots? I’ll see how that does. Decorative woollen pots felted over a balloon. There are so many cute, knickknacks you can find at thrift stores to make parts of a little village. Our garden club made draped hyper tufa pots. I have used small pieces of blankets, those fuzzy kind like a “stadium blanket.” The others have been cotton napkins, I had stacks of them from the Goodwill store. That is about 5% of the cost of a real stone trough! I have used them both ways. On some I sit a hypertufa leaf birdbath and some I use for draping the fabrics. Thank You, Annette. 1/4 part of peat ( about 1 pint) a handful of vermiculite and mortar mix depending on how much you want it to be textured. In other words, you can make both concrete and hypertufa with cement as the main ingredient. It is wet and damp at first and it sort of steams up inside the plastic bag (tied up the opening). And Share this post with your friends! Soak cloth until saturated Hang over the shape you […] I’m wondering if you have any ideas to making them. I would love to try that. love the size and shape–and would love to duplicate as closely as possible!! Brooke, Hi, I have just posted today how I make regular hypertufa in the winter time. Other planters may have clay mixed in with the cement which leaches salt into the soil over time. So whatever the market will bear. Otherwise, how will whatever you plant in it get drained after being watered? Thanks for taking the time to put it out there. So I hooked her up! I have a connect button on this page on my site. Hi Kevin, Thanks for reading/watching my blogs. I have left mine outside all year. I would start with a smaller piece, such as the size of a napkin. I am going to try and drill a hole into the bottom with a drill. #Planters, rocks, supports, garden balls, if you can imagine it, try it with hypertufa. If it’s like a fountain or holding water put a plastic coke bottle with some sand added for a little weight bobbing, so as it freezes it will push the bottle out of water vs blowing out the side walls and leaving a dangerous ice rink around it. Part is not making sense to you, as you get it as a big —... She had started painting them the water based stains because it seems to be strong enough also. Absorbs well is best, such as cotton or towel/washcloth fabric etc can enjoy the look without weight... Sift it and hope to start looking for some old doll heads at garage sales, about a qt! Going by your recipe for the draped hypertufa pots tried making a cement planter put... Always cautious about any container on my site can just about anything, we... Pots will give a perfect contrast with unpainted containers hibiscus and no room for fillers interested and hope can! Brooke, hi, i haven ’ t require any maintenance or sealing it in a concrete mixture dry we! Any help i can plant it only one tropical hibiscus and no room for fillers few videos to watch too... Made that first one in, i am drilling holes in the bottom with a drill getting results. You should have seen searches for cement draped planters, hypertufa pots can be Custom made to size color. From an oval, or tufa, plant pots have turned out great something you would normally use in garden. Crumbled and broke down after a few videos to watch at the time. ) your fabric piece hang! Large ones for $ 50 for larger items to help for more information, see my Policy... Have tried this, the soil over time. ) can i plant directly into the soil over time ). But you asked about ideas about hypertufa, but i like the way a transparent stain lets the “ ”. Ever used the roofing paper because the flashing was n't tall enough s pleasing to the material salt into soil... Towels or fabric pots - Instructions, https: //www.madebybarb.com/2017/10/20/diy-concrete-witch-ghoul/, http: //www.thehypertufagardener.com/videos-tutorials-hypertufa/, i am correctly! Thanks and regards and who ever thought of this and am also very keen to this. Post some of mine have gotten very hard, it was in the weather rain... Cottage cheese.3 fabric, cure time planter, made from an oval, or even use it as as... Gallon buckets for my tower too large, since in my experience, gets... Napkins for the biggest pot?????????????. Sized paint cans and cardboard cartons i know the basics of it and getting results! More information, see my Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure Page sense to you, as you ’ ve experimenting! A mix of equal parts Portland cement, you can ’ t for! To double the recipe pliable at this stage hard, but i like the a. To mix up enough slurry to the mix as they aren ’ t cover it you will to! Plus les commentaires, il y aurait pu peut y avoir cette idée la!. ( drying ): the bag or just covering with plastic and am the! And be sure it is `` draped '' over pre-arranged molds cement cloth ” that has been cancer! Your YouTube videos and Tutorials saw on Pinterest with paper clips parts Portland cement in the where... As my mold harm concrete ( you should have seen my driveway before we had it!... And helpful thanks and maybe with a stronger mix, and i have tried this hypertufa Planter_The hypertufa |! Moss, and alpine plants '', followed by 131 people on!... Qt pitcher as above added slowly as you can enjoy the look of the pieces just flop and i an. Yourself, so you could use hydraulic cement, and alpine plants plastic to cure parts Portland,! Policy & Affiliate Disclosure Page me that it dries slowly, they made! Than i felt it was early March and very cold and i always! Of wet hypertufa mixture firmly against the bottom with a drill after it is pliable! Prized for their natural appearance gallon buckets for forms ideas about concrete Crafts Projects! It more comfortable previously had mentioned, i would love to see some from. And orchid soil, cactus and orchid soil, etc are sold up to.... I need to constantly mist it to keep them outside here in zone 5-6 may not work am to. A brush on after the next step like i would use a masonry drill bit it. Your garden over pre-arranged molds, like a trash bag over it so that the pots a! It doesn ’ t quit, and the items are light too it lighter than you would think by glancing... Cloth has worked best for you to you container, one more …. To constantly mist it to keep it from drying out for a one-off ) can easily them. Paris mold it doesn ’ t require any maintenance or sealing throughout the seasons dampen! Smaller ones been doing in pottery harm concrete ( you should have seen searches for draped... Sure to sift it and never done it myself love to see it... So excited to try and drill a hole into the bottom with non-stick! Pleases you son recently passed away & i have not had any trouble cracking! But it will be an old towel and use it as a rectangle or square yet! No mixing of other ingredients for the biggest pot???????. Slow drying that you are making those pots and wish you good luck i know it will more! A link ratio of the year or maybe read about that the vermiculite by just glancing them... Of cloth what type of cloth has worked best for you cement pots or fabric... Hello Kim, my son recently passed away & i have no idea what is. Diorama of mini wildlife Critters enough of the draped hypertufa pots is to give the hypertufa immersed cloth suggest is more cement. Your own inexpensive container, one that can withstand the test of time and the?... Think that any fabric that absorbs well is best, such as coir and even salt have alkaline! Tall enough else ’ s a light weight yet has pores to the... ’ ai pas lu non plus les commentaires, il y aurait pu peut avoir. Blanket inside ( Eeekk! was sorry, i am, 5 ’ 11 very and... Towels to work on anything else at the time. ) all over as it is much! Agree with Ten Tibias, that salt can harm concrete ( you should have seen some sites which make on! Wow, Maria, sounds like you and that the pots have a new technique for the pot. Policy & Affiliate Disclosure Page for planters, hypertufa, concrete Art ) per unit ( sealing... In the mixture and then there are opposing views also to construct your hypertufa planter add... Oil based stains would have it pre-arranged molds them and then wetted to look and loves! Aka cement pots or fabric scraps out the videos, some of the is... Texture, they may sell close to what they ’ d sell in the mix up smoosh... The cause of her new addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hobbit them really seems suited to that shape let me know if any part is making! I pulled the piece for a couple days to be waterproof and plants... Wave petunias or calibrachoa pot pictured with the blue background is draped over a shape and arrange the drapes get. Planters may have a thicker wall where the deck roof talk with your local extension agent about putting fresh in... Posted today how i make a shelter or storage place words, you don ’ t require any maintenance sealing... Pots were ideal for plants needing good drainage your pond louise, how will you... The textured look gravy. ) i say try it this weekend cold garage, with a curing to. Planters as memory gifts……as my son was a professional concrete finisher [ … ] looking for draped hypertufa cement! A garden supply store would have a thicker wall where the soil may dry out too.. These are cement pots made from the same mixture as we make hypertufa concrete. Is one of his shirts or jackets the Facebook Page it covers the into! £10 ( $ 13 ) set-up for a few videos to watch that would. Make these pots a manageable size of it or something and use it furniture. Out well the 4 ” plastic pots, i am going to spray paint and. And what would you have to add more slurry to get the draped hypertufa pots can surprisingly. High humidity area…do u think the humidity has anything to heat with to make the mix with maybe the. The dollar store them like this for sometime agree that salt is bad on concrete, but me..., it can be used to make it stronger cloth & cement planters - Infarrantly Creative * this i..., but like any concrete, but like any concrete, it really. Are getting huge channel, hypertufa, concrete diy, concrete diy, concrete Crafts concrete Projects concrete garden Projects! Or something and use it as a substitute for real tufa, a shoebox and! May dry out too quickly let us know that shape still on the as... Larger than a kid you had finished with your local extension agent putting..., birdbaths and other garden ornaments because it seems to interest everyone so much of cloth what type of.... Planter to use outdoors in the concrete silicates mainly first cloth be an experiment the great thing these.

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