Hire- Develop- Deploy

HDD introduction

“Enhancing the Employability” of a Young Omani workforce inspired the IBD group to implement a Social Business Concept that would aide in eliminating a key hindrance to Oman’s growth.

The Omanisation directive by the government is well meant for the future of young Omanis, but the gap between actual “employability” and perceived skill set in young Oman is considerably large.

HDD aims at bridging this gap with the right attitude towards hiring, training the young nationals and preparing them for the actual world of work.

HIRE-DEVELOP–DEPLOY is a social business model which is unique and ­first of its kind in the country that focuses on the actual requirements of an employer while understanding the limitations of a young job seeker who wants to improve herself.

A step in the right direction and support of the business community in taking initiative towards the development and belief of these individuals will help this unique platform to grow for other aspiring job seekers.